Bike Shop Huntsville, AL
Bike Shop Huntsville, AL

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a healthier & happier community. We do this by giving old & neglected bikes new life. Biking is local, it’s healthy, it’s economical, & it’s fun! The most important part of what we do is giving back. A portion of every bike sale goes towards a free kids bike.

Bike Shop Huntsville AL

We're Different

While we know they aren’t trying to, many shops can be intimidating & make people uncomfortable. We are just a regular people, like you, who don’t care how much money you have to spend, how expensive your bike is, or what brand you ride. You don’t have to have a budget of thousands to feel at home in our shop. From Specialized to Schwinn and Huffy to Haro, every bike & every person is welcome!

Commuter Bikes

Looking for a bulletproof bike setup to ride around town? We can get you rolling on two wheels in no time. It also won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Used Bikes Huntsville AL
Bike shop Huntsville Al

Mountain Bikes

Do you want to conquer rough terrain? Or even just the occasional curb? We can help you get a bike that’ll inspire confidence without breaking the bank.

Family Bikes

Would you like to spend more outdoor time with your family? How does exploring neighborhoods, greenways, & light trails sound? We’ll be happy to find bikes that everyone is comfortable & happy with. Don’t forget, the kids bikes are free!

Used bikes Huntsville al

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